Horse in Belgium

• 350.000 horses (the highest concentration world wide).
• 77.000 affiliates (200.000 practitioners).
• 3rd sport practiced (1er women’s sport).
• 2.000 equestrian centers.
• 35 stud-books certified.
• 2.120 companies (insignificant number of bankruptcies).
• 17.500 full time equivalents.
• 1.200 events / year.
• 12,3 % of the total agricultural land dedicated to horses.

People & Horses
• A large number of medals and victories in all equestrian disciplines at international level : jumping, endurance, flat racing, trotting, driving, eventing, reining, para-equestrian, dressage, poney games, vaulting, trec, …
• During the World Equestrian Games in Lexington (2010) and Olympic Games in London (2012), the best jumpers had a Belgian origin.
• Livestock products are exported all over the world.
• A high level of expertise in breeding, sport and various equestrian businesses.
• Belgium offers an exceptional environment for all international riders, for the best companies and for the investors in the equestrian sector.
• Number of international riders and coaches are installed in Belgium.

• Equine Clinic of the Liege University.
• Center for Equine Research and Development (Linalux-Montlesoie).
• Racetracks and venues for all disciplines.
• Professional teaching site for all the equine industry.
• Liege Airport specialized in the transport of horses.

4 Belgian Major Assets!

Quantity : high number of horses, riders, professionals, structures, competitions
Quality : the best international horses, riders and equestrian pros from all the world are leaving in Belgium
Diversity : all types of horses, disciplines, learnings, companies, professions, know-how, ...
Proximity : in the middle of Europe, a small state of 360 km top/ 260 km wide
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